DM prepping, a tale of procrastination…


Mostly, I make sure that I’m a player when it comes to RPGs, but that leaves DM-ing to the usual suspects (mostly Liz) every single game. Not fair because we all want a turn at throwing a wrench in the DM’s carefully made plans and so I volunteered to run a campaign myself. I thought I’d take the easy way out and run Orpheus, a White Wolf game that has a pre-written metaplot for the DM to lean on.

As it turns out keeping players on this metaplot, and giving them just the right amount of information to help the story along the way the books want you to, is not such an easy task after all. I’m not the best at improvising so I still end up preparing quite a bit for every time we play. I’m also generally lazy so I postpone my preparations to the very last moment. So, on game day I get up early and spend the entire time until the players arrive writing and frantically looking through my notes.

This means I’m usually already a bit tired when everyone arrives, but it also has a really positive consequence. Thanks to my last minute preparations I have the story and events of last RP session fresh in my memory. To help everyone else remember what happened we always do a quick recap of the previous time we played (an idea I stole from Liz).


How do you prepare for DM-ing? Do you guys have any tips to make my job as a DM easier?

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