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Familiars, animal companions who are a part of the human soul, half of a whole. Faithful friends who watch over humanity, care for it, protect it. Where there are humans, there will always be familiars, so it has been and so it always shall be.

Familiars of Terra is an epic fantasy tabletop role play game set in Terra, a world where everyone has their very own animal familiar! You play a Seeker, someone who accepted the call to heroism and adventures through the land helping those in need. Using a standard deck of poker cards to resolve all checks and exciting familiar dueling mechanics, your familiar will evolve and change with every exciting adventure.

Seekers & Familiars

Character creation allows you to make two unique characters – your Seeker and their familiar. You’ll get special bonuses depending on where your Seeker comes from and dine the type of hero they are. To create a familiar you start with a normal animal, but them transform it into an animalkin – a special beast with fantastic powers and strange traits.

Calling & Promise

Seeker’s pick a Calling and Promise, a Seeker’s Calling defines what drew them into adventuring and a Calling’s Promise is a personality trait the Seeker has – something they strive to do no matter what. In game acting towards your Seeker’s Calling and Promise gains you XP to advance your character and their familiar later in the game.

Titles & Trophies

Another important feature you pick when creating a characters is a Title and trophy. Your Seeker gains Titles through performing epic deeds. Titles are given to a Seeker by the people, it is something you are known by, much like how superheroes have special names. As your Seeker travels and performs great deeds the more Titles they will gain. Like Titles, Trophies are rewards Seekers gain through their adventures. Sometimes Trophies are given to the Seeker by someone, but sometimes they are found along the way. Each Trophy holds a certain power, a gravitas, which makes people wonder at the item and want to hear more stories about it.

Familiar Traits & Powers

Traits are special mutations your familiar has that makes them unique. You could have a ble catkin with wings, a giant quilled hamsterkin, or a floating hippokin who can put people to sleep. As your Seeker adventures through Terra their familiar will evolve and gain new Traits.

Familiar Powers are fighting moves your familiar can use in combat to gain advantage in the fight. When your familiar’s Power gains a level it becomes more powerful and you can use it more often in combat. Once your familiar is more expereinced, you’ll be able to combine the effects of two Powers into one Epic Power.


Tír is a beautiful continent rebuilding itself after the Vast War; a devastating war that ended 50 years ago. The war left the continent with scars. Large amounts of land, mostly in Endrill, are still devastated by the destructive bombs dropped on it. Filled with pockets of radiation and horrible mutated beasts, these areas are now the Badlands. The nations of Tír now look to Seekers to help clean up their land while they restore  balance.


Amirland is a country filled with water and birds. The Amirese live in giant glass skyscrapers and focus on upholding tradition and propriety. The richest nation in Tír, the Amirese are all highly educated and make no income for themselves. Instead, they make income for one of the five great dynasties of which they are a part.


Fendair is the political centre of Tír. Its people, Fendairians, have a reputation of being kind, warm, and easy-going. It is the most progressive of all the countries in Tír and one of the first countries to enter the Vast War when the UPA invaded Endrill. The south of the country, Sou, is lush with farmlands. The middle of the country, Midden, is home for three gigantic cities. And the north, Nor, has many mountain ranges.


Before the Vast War, Endrill was one large swath of plains. Now, two overwhelmingly large areas of Badlands have split it into three parts. The Drill are a very spiritual people. Before the war they were nomadic, wandering their lands with their Ancestors: gigantic immortal animals who history records as the embodiment of a human and animal soul who have reached perfect harmony. Now, the Drill are no longer nomadic, but hold on to their spiritual roots, making a pilgrimage at least once in their lives between the three remaining Ancestors who survived the Vast War.


Aside from Endrill, Inther is the country most devastated by the war. After years of occupation after the Vast War, when the occupiers left Inther, its infrastructure collapsed. Filled with non-arable desert, garbage dumps, and factories the Inth must be strong in order to survive. Most people make a living sorting through and recycling the trash that others dump in their country, or working at one of the many factories. The one saving grace for many people are the familiars and animals who work alongside them, like the dedicated dinokin whose strong backs and long lives mean they can help in the toil.


Ratha is a harsh land covered in giant forests. The Rathan people make their lives in the trees. Rather than being bound to a family, they are bound to a tree, and each person in the tree is considered their family, even if they are not related by blood. When a Rathan child comes of age they are expelled from their home tree and forced into the wild. If they come back with a familiar, they are considered an adult and welcomed into society. Rathans are a race of fierce warriors, they believe every person has their own unique strength and must use that strength to better society.

Animalkin Edition

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  • Familiars of Terra is coming to Kickstarter in March 2018