Familiars of Terra – Familiar Traits

A big part of our upcoming game Familiars of Terra (FoT) is how your character’s familiar evolves and changes as the story progresses. In FoT we call animals that evolve in spectacular way animalkin. Familiars are always animalkin.

You may have a hamster that is the size of a horse, a cat with three tails, or a wolf that grows flowers from it’s fur – anything is possible in Terra! You change what your familiar looks like and can do with Familiar Traits, each time you gain enough advancement points, you can pick a new Trait for them. There are also guidelines for creating your own Traits with your GM, just in case the list we provided doesn’t fit how you see your familiar evolving.

I wanted to share a personal example with you of a starting familiar I created for playtesting :).

Of course, this familiar was based off my own dog Leia. Below is what Leia looks like in the real world vs in Terra. She’s a bichon frise, white, fluffy, and super sassy (this doesn’t have to do with her looks, but is important to know!)



I decided to give Leia wings so she could fly. One of our family nicknames for Leia is ‘Could Girl’ because she is so fluffy, so wings suit her perfectly. The second Trait I gave her was ‘XL’, which meant she doubles in size. I did this for two reasons 1) I think a big bichon frise would be adorable! 2) It means Leia gets an additional point of Health, which is always useful. Plus, Leia is very protective of me, so if she is gonna get into fights, she needs to be able to take hits.

I hope you enjoyed this small peek into Familiars of Terra, as we ramp up for the Kickstarter there will be lots more posts like this :D.



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