Moms play WITCH!


DISCLAIMER: Bloody Mary was a misunderstood woman who wanted to live independent from a man during Puritanical times… In the Netherlands. Because she was a woman ahead of her time, she was murdered and subsequently cursed by Puritan priests. To make sure she was tortured extra-horrible-much she was trapped in the mansion where she lived with her husband. When Bloody Mary shows up in this game it is because she wants a friend and wants the cry-baby woman in this house to get over the tragic loss of her husband and to be her friend… So sayeth my mother, so it has been written, so is it shall be.

Floor, Liz, Josie, Renata, Janine

So, we decided to play WITCH with our mothers. Before I give you a summary of the game there are three very important things you need to know:

1) We bribed our mothers with lasagna, some mothers came to play WITCH because they loved us… Others came for lasagna. I leave it to you to judge who is who.

2) My mom really likes the chocolate muffins we have and wants you to know how delicious they are (23:30). Floor’s mom joins in on the anarchy at 24:40.

3) My mom no longer thinks that ttrpgs are sex games, she does however, think it is a game where I make up whatever the hell I want and people have to go with it… She might have some amazing insight here.

You can listen to the session here:

The synopsis:

Damien (Janine), Roxanne (Josie aka mom), Sati (Floor), and Lilly of the Valley (Renata) are called to the house of one Ms. Claudia Henderson. Claudia is being haunted by a ghost after she tried to summon the spirit of her dead husband. The ladies & Damien must find out what is haunting Ms. Henderson and put whatever it is to rest. After some investigation and also shaking Ms. Henderson down for the grand sum of 100euros and some legal advice, our intrepid adventurers found out that it was Bloody Mary haunting Ms. Henderson! To get rid of Mary they say her name three times in the mirror and send that cruel, disgusting horribly misunderstood spirit back from whence she came!

Without knowing it my mom continued the time-honoured tradition of building dice towers.

What have I learned from playing WITCH with our moms? 

Our moms are pretty brilliant women who can think on their feet. I am always surprised by people who just start role playing, you never know how they are going to react or what they are going to do, our moms were no exception. I was particularly impressed by Janine, who on the fly made a rather touching back story for her character, Damien, who was a Lich war veteran from WWI. He had seen so many horrors in the war that he made it his life’s mission to help people.

I have also learned something about role playing in general- many people say this hobby makes you more imaginative, but I’d like to argue it simply represses your sense of absurdity. As a role player you are used to stabbing dragons, seeing people flayed alive, and a plethora of other things. This wonderful hobby is what gets you debating dead babies in a fully packed train and running up and down a 10 meter stretch of side-walk at 9pm to prove you can friggen clock that in five seconds! This is fun and awesome.

Our moms had problems getting into the game at first, this had nothing to do with how imaginative they were, but it was because of the fact that they felt silly. Having a shamefully low sense of the absurd, Floor and I had no issues whatsoever. Once our moms were able to get past the ridiculous they started to use their imagination more and I am totally sure that if we kept playing with them they’d be running up and down the street yelling about dead babies with the best of us.

Well witchies. I hope you enjoyed this post :D. Do you have experience playing a rpg with your parents? Or playing a rpg with someone for the first time? Tell us about it! 


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