Potions, Potions, Potions!


Edit: The competition below was won by Matt: “Desiccated flesh? If you run out you just have to give The Lich a call!”

Hey guys! Today I want to talk to you a little bit out how, as a member of the Fated, you can brew potions. Magic is one of the very unique aspects of WITCH and potion making is one form of magic you can do. All magic in WITCH is able to be altered by the caster, meaning that you can change the look and feel of the magic to customizing it to your character. Therefore, if you have a coven of three Bokor, aside from having different backstories, all will magically look different.

I want to take a small look into potions today, because out of all the magic abilities it has the most customization.

When brewing a potion, you must combine two or more ingredients in your brew and draw out their magical aspects. Each ingredient has a handful of the 22 magical aspects within it, ranging from hate to charisma to time.

For example garlic & tears are two ingredients you could use to make a potion.

Their aspects are:

(images from: http://becuo.com/eye-crying-tears-drawing & http://www.liamofarrell.com/my-work/just-food/)

In order for your potion to successfully turn into something, you need to combine two or more ingredients that have matching aspects. If we take the example above, garlic and tears, by combining the two matching magical aspects of these ingredients you make a magical effect and that is: your potion turning into an antidote.

The more ingredients you brew into a potion the more magical aspects you can combine and the stronger your brew will be. As a potion maker you also need to make sure that you have a balanced potion, in respect to the positive (+) and negative (-) aspects you have within it, but I’ll save some mystery about this for the book ;).

Monster Brew

A witch or warlock throwing caution to the wind and brewing up a concoction of ingredients with unknown aspects. 

What I love most about our potions system is that it allows for a lot of creativity. By combining different aspects, you can really make a totally unique potions. However, what I also love is the fact that you can get all mad scientist with your potions! I am sure I was not the only person running around Tamriel eating as much crap as they could possibly put into their mouths, right?

While in the book we include over 75 different magical ingredients, with a list of their accompanying aspects for your character to brew potions with- there are so many more ingredients in the world! So, why not take a walk on the wild side and make a monster brew? Throw a bunch of unknown ingredients into a cauldron, draw as much magic as you can out of them, and see what comes out. It could be fantastic or it could turn you into a…


First person to comment leaving an ingredient that we don’t have in the book yet, will get their name used as an NPC in one of our fluff pieces in the book and also get their ingredient added to the official list. 

Hope you liked the post & speak to you soon!


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