Releases Planned in 2017


It’s a new year and I’ve made a few business resolutions. In fact, these are resolutions I have been thinking about before the new year, but now that I’ve had some holiday rest it is time to put them into action.

First off, blog more! I am busy with AHP just about every week and it is always a good idea to let you guys know what I am up to. Blogging is often an after thought for me and I really want to get better with it!

Secondly, I want to release 3-4 games this year. It’s a lofty goal, but I learned so much from my last Kickstarter that I feel it should be possible.

Here are the games I am working on right now:

The WITCH: Fated Souls Companion

So, this isn’t so much of a game as a follow up to WITCH, which we released last year. We called it a Player’s Guide at first, but after putting a bunch of information in it for GMs too, we changed the name to Companion. The moment the companion is ready I will be putting it on Kickstarter. Right now I am waiting on a few things to be finished before we get it on the site. I learned so much from my last project and I want to make sure games are released quickly after we fund on Kickstarter.

Familiars of Terra

Familiars of Terra is well on its way to being finished. If you are interested in the game, make sure to keep an eye out for a demo of it on Free RPG day 2017! We are sending 700 copies to be distributed throughout game stores! The demo will also be out on our website after Free RPG is over. If you already want to get your hands on a copy of FoT. You can check out and ashcan version of it on DTRPG.

Guardians of Amsir

Guardians of Amsir is a diceless colouring based story game where you play a magical unicorn guardian who is tasked with protected their realm from evil. Designing GoA started as a stress relief project for me. One of my go to stress relievers is colouring and I thought why isn’t there a game (that I know of) where I can just colour in cool pictures? That is how GoA was born. This is a light, fun, easy game that encourages you to colour and doodle while playing it. And Unicorns! I’ll be releasing a demo version of the game just as soon as we have the first artwork in.


I’m pretty much in love with Afterlife, it combines all the themes I love and is so much fun to design. This game will very much be the spiritual follow-up to WITCH and I wanna make it a good one. Therefore, it is taking me longer to finish up. If you’re interested in seeing what the game will be like you can get an ashcan PDF of it on our DTRPG page.

That’s all for now! Talk to you soon!

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